KURT WITT – The Real Story

„Do only what fascinates you. Your Motivation leads to success.
Only if you are enthusiastic about what you do, you can convince people and
the money will come all by itself.“

~ Hazy Osterwald, german musician, producer and bandleader

Kurt Witt, the masterly solo trumpeter, lives wholeheartedly by this principle. Fascination, motivation and enthusiasm are the cornerstones of his being and musical expression. He is down-to-earth, energetic, authentic and a real skipjack, the kind of guy who doesn’t let the world belittle him and wants to keep on doing it, out of passion, zest for life and conviction. When it comes to true masters of their trade, he is undoubtedly one of them, a veritable genius on the trumpet.

The sympathetic thoroughbred musician from Pasewalk, who inherited the enthusiasm and musical talent of his father Kurt – who was also a gifted trumpeter – completed his music studies on the island of Rügen with the grade “very good” in 1982 and first played in the music-corps of Eggesin as a solo-trumpeter til 1990 and later played in various professional bands and orchestras for years. He never lost sight of his dream of realizing his musical conception as a solo trumpeter and Presented his long prepared debut album „Kurt de Witt“ in April 2013.

On his debut album he convinced not only with his skills, but also with his variety of interpretation in several genres, and this with 16 brand new songs, which were specifically written and composed for him. Musical greats such as the composer and Grammy winner Joe Gallardo, the late composer and exceptional guitarist Stephan Diez and the multiple award-winning composer Thomas Kässens in collaboration with the multiple gold-award winning arranger and producer Wolfgang Pentinghaus have musically designed this varied album together with Kurt Witt and recorded it live with top-notch studio musicians.

Back when I was a small boy my father inspired me with his concerts and even before I started school I gave my first little trumpet solo concert.
From this moment on it was clear and unambiguous to me: I live for music and with my trumpet.

Therefore, immediately after graduating from school in the former GDR I began my military music studies on the island of Rügen. After a degree graded „very good“ and my activity in the music-corps of Eggesin until 1990, followed years of participation as an ensemble and guest musician in various professional bands and orchestras. Of course I never lost sight of my dream of realizing my own musical ideas as a solo trumpet player, and with the support of my parents and family I was able to further pursue my musical path.

I refined my sound and performance characteristics with the help of the world renowned solo trumpeter Lennard Axelsson and worked continuously on my own style. And as fate would have it, while with Mr. Axelsson I’ve crossed paths with the American musician, composer and Grammy award winner Joe Gallardo and the and the late German composer and exceptional guitarist Stephan Diez (since 1990 member of the NDR BigBand and later professor for jazz guitar at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hamburg). After a lot of intense conversations and some jam sessions, Joe and Stephan wrote some great titles for me. But another lucky coincidence was needed to realize the dream of the solo album.

That lucky coincidence was the encounter with the two multiple gold decorated arrangers, composers and producers Wolfgang Pentinghaus and Thomas Kässens. Through their collaboration and leadership, my first solo album, entitled “Kurt de Witt”, was produced.
A, in my eyes, beautiful, varied and interesting album.

It was always important to me, to not adhere to a single genre, hence the chosen titles reflect the extremely broad spectrum of my musical taste and skills: Latin-styles and trendy grooves alternate with cool jazzy sound as well as catchy melodies and themes.

My music is made for dancing and dreaming, for celebrating and chilling, or for simply enjoying and it is always made with love and passion.

I hope you’ll have much fun on my website and good entertainment with my music.

Your Kurt Witt