„The new star on the German trumpet-sky.”

NDR, Nordmagazin

„I compose songs for Kurt Witt, because I believe in him.”

Joe Gallardo, American jazz musician and Grammy award winner

„Kurt Witt is a versatile and gifted musician on his instrument, who not only plays the music, but lives it, feels it and paints pictures with it.”

Stephan Diez, Professor for jazz guitar at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg

„You have to have heard a live performance of Kurt Witt, the solo trumpeter with the huge repertoire, to realize what level a solo trumpet played in this way can reach in the whole music world.”

Achim Mentzel, musician and TV presenter

The time of harvest begins: Kurt Witt has now entered his golden epoch and is now able to reap the fruits of his musical maturity, like Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong did in the second half of his life. To play the trumpet strong and gentle like Kurt Witt, is an art in itself: For this you actually need more than a little „puff”, because you want to bridge certain bars in an absolutely necessary artistic manner with a long breath, instead of interrupting them with hectic breathing. At the same time one needs a very specific composure to finish the whole performance cleanly and in one go. Witt has exactly the wit and zest that distinguishes the real trumpet artist. His current album „Kurt de Witt“ is easy-listening enjoyment par excellence. But there is much, more than that: The perfect blow-and-flow mix of the „resonating body“ Kurt Witt, will now play everything: From newly interpreted old German folk songs to ultra-modern compositions. To play a trumpet as it would play itself. Kurt Witt can do that. Therefore, producers, arrangers & composers: Go for it!”

Fritz Brinckmann, German star photographer

„Talent and Luck. A lot has to happen, before Pasewalk meets Texas and Sweden. And if it does, it can create something big. As is the case with Kurt Witt. The preliminary finale of this true fairy tale? Beautiful trumpet ballads that’ll make you dream. And gran you the realization that great things can happen even in Pasewalk.”

SUPERillu, Ulf Teichert